What happened during the wedding attracted millions of people.  

The crazy doggy participated in the dance of the couples during their wedding.

It isn’t a secret that doggies are people’s faithful and inseparable part, which are ready to do everything for their owners. If they love and devote to their owners they can’t divide from them until the end of their lives. So having a doggy at home is a great advantages for humans. 

The lovely couple, Seth and Nicole Funden have a nice doggy, Labrador named Eva. Their love towards the doggy is great, and in the same way, Eva likes them with all her heart. But they completely showed their love to each other and everyone during the couple’s wedding.

What happened during their wedding attracted everyone. All the guests were excited by the scene.

When the dance began something extraordinary happened. The doggy came and join them by dancing with them. 

The guests stayed speechless. They couldn’t express their emotions because the scene was really amazing. One of the guests then told the reporters that she had never expected that she would be a witness of such a fantastic scene.

Then the video began to spread all over the world and a great number of people were attracted by it. The video showed everyone that doggies’ faithfulness and love towards the humanity are indescribable.

The video is very exciting and fascinating.

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