The stolen pup was saved by a kind-hearted man and thanked him with an unexpected manner

The poor puppy expressed her gratitude in an exciting way

The connection between abandoned animals and their saviors is strong, because the animals who are rescued by the kind people remain faithful to them until the end of their lives.

4 months old little puppy named Sanie also belongs to that group. If he didn’t meet Michael Chour, his rescuer, he wouldn’t stay alive.

Once he went to the dog meat farm in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, where he saw many poor animals who needed help. He tried to save as many dogs as he could. At that time he saw Sanie, who was very frigtened.

Then the rescuer told that when he saw the terrified baby he was in cage. The pup hugged him and put his head on his chest. When he took the cutie to the doctor, he even didn’t walk.

After examining the puppy in detail, the rescuer understood that he had probably been stolen from his family.

But finding his real owners would be difficult for him, so he could adopt by the other helpful people and it would be much better for him, who would take care about him with great pleasure.

There were other helpless animals who were saved by Chour and adopted by many kind people.

As for our little Sanie, he stays at the refuge until a helpful person will adopt and take care about him.

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