After serving for the police for 9 years, the doggy had to say goodbye to his lovely place

It was difficult for the doggy to be divided from his lovely workplace

In order to work in the police dogs must have needful skills: for instance they must know how to protect the workers, how to find criminals and be attentive in dangerous situations.

They are dedicated to their work and their role in the society is great. They really do an important and useful job thanks to their skills.

Axle is 14 years old German Shepherd who served for the police for many years and now it was time to say goodbye to the workers.

The Ottawa police shared a note on their Twitter by saying that this doggy did his best to be a good servant for their service and the society and it was time to relax.

This type of doggies have a lot of skills for becoming the valuable part of any services. They know all necessary things in order to act correctly and safely.

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