After finding pit bulls on the road, the rescuers did their best to support these poor animals.

Thanks to the helpful people the injured doggies could overcome the difficulties.

In the morning the man named Patrick Hennessey was going to work by car when he noticed something strange falling on the ground. He got out of the car to see what happened. There were two doggies on the ground: one of them was injured.

The man couldn’t leave them alone so he immediately called the police. Deputy Reed and Deputy Boggs came at once and began to help them.

A lot of people think that pit bulls are kindless and aggressive, so dealing with them will be dangerous, but on the contrary, they are very helpful animals. The rescuers knew how to act in order to create confidence between them and the doggies.

The people’s incorrect opinion about this kind of doggies has occured because of the fact that the society uses them as fighting dogs. This fact makes people think that these animals are dangerous.

The doggies attitude towards the rescuers was exciting. It was clear that they understood why they had come there.

When they took the doggies from the road, they couldn’t leave them because the cuties needed their help.

They were feeling safe next to the rescuers, so leaving them alone would be a wrong step by the kind people.

First they helped the wounded doggy. Then after examining them in detail they understood that someone had dropped them there.

They waited there until the helpful people came from special services and took them to the refuge where they got an excellent treatment.

This nice story began to spread all over the world and people glorified the rescuers for their great job. They were sure the doggies were completely safe there.

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