After being attracted with the puppy, the soldier didn’t expect that he would meet her again

When the soldier saw the puppy fell in love and wanted to take her with him.

There are a lot of animals who can be faithful friends but doggies are more than ordinary friends. When they are devoted to people they stay with them until the end of their life.

Daniel Rindone went to Syria for work and found his inseparable part. He didn’t expect that a little animal would become his best friend. There were many doggies there but one of them was prettier than others. Daniel called her Syri and loved her a lot.

It was time to return home, so the soldier understood that he would separate from his lovely friend. But the division would be difficult for him so he began to made plans how to take the cutie with him. He asked the SPCA to help him with that problem. They informed him that there was an international program that could deal with that question.

The solution was clear. The puppy with other doggies must be taken to the SPCA situated in Erbil, Iraq until all the documents would be ready. But all the plans changed when the Erbil Airport was closed and the baby couldn’t reach to his lovely friend.

After four months, the most awaited day came. They met to each other.

He wrote on his Facebook, that when he saw the cutie, she was thin but her nice smile didn’t change. It was as pretty as before.

The soldier began to take care about her until the SPCA took her. After that he contacted to that organization in order to take the cutie in a correct way. And he really was grateful to the SPCA for its great job.

Before handing the baby to her friend, the organization did everything to take care about her perfectly.

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