Animal-lover Betty White, who died at the age of 99, kissed her lovely brown bear

There is no word to describe the love of the woman towards the animals.

She was very famous campaigner, actress, comedian and American icon, who, unfortunately, couldn’t reach her 100th birthday.

It is so exciting to see how 98 years old woman kissed the bear during making the film.

After that she fed the animal and began to caress and kiss his fur showing her big love towards the huge animal.

But she didn’t show her love towards the animals only by kissing them. She did a lot of work for them. She was the organizer of many charities, which were created for supporting helpless animals.

She also made a progress for teaching the society how to take care about the animals and due to her effort a lot of species were saved.

She always said that her friends and relatives known her as an actress, but she considered herself as an animal keeper.

During her life she did her best for helping the animals. It was her hobby and she did it with great pleasure.

Her friend told the reporters that she lived and worked only for animals and her contribution on animal’s support is invaluable.

Unfortunately the animal-lover died a week ago before her 100th birthday.

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