This exclusive safari hotel gives you an incredible opportunity to get close to gorgeous lions and even sleep with them accompanying you

All the animal lovers’ dream came true! A remarkable experience you will not ever forget

For unexceptionally all wild animal lovers there is a strong wish to get them as close as possible to enjoy their real charm and beauty. And, unfortunately, the only way possible was touring through distant parts of Africa.

This safari park designed as a hotel in the UK allows all its visitors get closer to such ravenous and dangerous beasts nor getting into troubles or risking their lives. The unique hotel provides with various desirable activities such as “sleep accompanied with lions” or “entirely enjoying the exciting moment”. The price for staying even for one night is extremely high, yet, perhaps, it’s worth such a great experience.

It gives an opportunity to spend time with such huge and unpredictable animals. All the guests are given a chance to go through an adventure that still remains just a dream for many others.


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The windows allow the visitors witness such wild animals’ life and their natural habitat which is really breathtaking and extraordinary for us.

So if you are searching for a remarkable adventure and incredible experience, welcome to this safari park hotel first in the world.

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