The Story of a Remedy Doggy Who Really Does a Great Job for the Hospital Patients

This cutie really deserves the name of a remedy dog because he helps everyone so diligently 

The fact that canines are considered to be the greatest assistants even in the most difficult moments is irrefutable. The following story is about such a doggy who may also literally be called a “Remedy Dog”.

Baxter the doggy is a dog-assistant who tries to help the people who suffer from an illness at least with his presence at the San Diego Hospice.

When the suffering patients meet Baxter the doggy they are extremely happy because he spreads so much positivity that all the around him feel very happy and energetic unwittingly.

One of the workers named Lisa McCollough notices how much good result there is every time Baxter the remedy doggy visits the sufferer. The workers say that it also affects positively  the patoents’ temper and the way they start perceiving their health state.

Unfortunately, after this very last video Baxter the cutie passed away. In the videos we can clearly see and feel his consolidation and care that he gives to all the people who are around him. It seems that he is telling “Don’t be sad dear friend because everything is going to be very good”.

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