A Dog Came Across an Abandoned Kitty in Rain During a Short Break 

When a kind dog met the little cutie in rain it made his heart melt.

We may love all the animals equally much and that’s true of course but they say there is always especially strong bond between dogs and human beings because dogs always show their endless love towards their owners and family members.

This touching story is told by a 48-year-old woman named  Monica Burks who is from Abilene, Texas. The kind woman is the owner of an elfish doggy named Hazel.

Hazel the doggy is so adorable and cute that she is ready to help everyone around him- even to catties who are considered to be the archenemies of dogs.

Hazel the doggy used to go out for a walk every day and on one rainy day when she again went out for a walk she seemed to be late and her owner began to worry because of this and went to look for the cutie. When she noticed the cutie pie in the yard who was trying to assist a little catty who probably needed help.

And even the heavy rain couldn’t stop this wonderful doggy from rescuing her new fluffy friend.

Monica was so touched by this cute scene that she immediately rushed to film it on the phone.

“It seemed that Hazel’s maternal instinct “did his kind job”.- the owner told.

After some time the two cuties were already at home but when entering the house the cutie had difficulty climbing the stairs and her kind friend helped her to step in their new and safe house where they will feel lots of love and comfort because now they have the kindest owner of whom they have probably been dreaming all their life.

You can enjoy watching the whole touching video below which will make your heart melt:

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