The frightened dog wakes her mom up in the middle of the night to thank her  

The poor dog was beaten and frightened to contact anyone! But the love changes everything. 

This story is for you if you think of getting a rescue dog, but need to be a little more persuasive. The best feeling is when you didn’t have to do something extraordinary to make the pet happy, you just need to adopt it.  

Niya, had one of the worst stories at Trenton, Tennessee’s Gibson County Animal Shelter. She was so strongly beaten, that she felt so scared and was completely close up.

When Kimberley Slown went to see her, she knew that had to take her home. 

Kimberly’s rescue group, Arrow Dog Rescue has rescued hundreds of dogs, but Niya was the most exhausted of all. She had a wound above her eye, marking that she had been hit with instrument.

Unfortunately, Niya’s mental state was deeply hurt because of such injuries. When Kimberly went to take her, she was so frightened that she stood next to the wall and her tail was between her legs. 

Kimberly had to take Niya to the car.

Niya was so exhausted, that she found a safe place in the house and slept there for two days.  

The next night Niya changed her mind and went to her owner’s bed to smell her arm. 

Kimberly felt happy, when she saw, that her frightened dog finally achieved assurance.

“She just breathed into my hand and I woke up, patting it. She accepted it happily.”

Niya went back to her bed, but soon the same thing happened again.

It seemed as the dog was thanking her for giving her home. Continually the frightened little dog’s confidence is getting back, and Kimberly feels happy.

Thanks to Kimberly Niya regains her confidence, which wouldn’t be possible if she had stayed in the shelter. 

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