Those bighearted and heroic wildlife rangers risked everything in order to save the baby giraffe from drowning in the river

With innumerable species of animals and birds that are officially declared extinctive, there are still some areas on our planet where humanity parallelly dwells beside those wild animals and who share great trust and respect towards each other. And in case some animals tragically appear in danger, humans are always there to ease their existence and help them survive in extreme conditions. This story tells about a poor drowning giraffe from Kenya.

Somehow, the defenseless baby animal got stuck in the middle of a river full of dangerous crocodiles. The poor animal appeared in real danger not having enough power to keep himself afloat. Nonetheless, the baby was mercifully rescued.

A group of kind-hearted and enthusiastic rangers and locals, after getting informed about the tragic situation, immediately rushed to offer their priceless help. The process of a breathtaking rescue was captured on camera.

According to the International organizations, some giraffe species have been lately declared officially extinctive. For example, the Masai giraffe’s population have recently dropped at 35000 left in the whole nature over the last few years.

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