A devoted dog is purposely chasing the ambulance machine in order to be with his unwell owner

In this display of faithfulness and affection, a trusty little dog was captured on camera following an ambulance trying to be with his caring owner who, unfortunately, got seriously sick.

Both the tiny doggie and the human live on the streets, thus they do not have any one else by their side. Once the human has been taken by an ambulance, the animal showed a great sense of trust and loyalty chasing the speedy machine. While on their way to hospital, the crew of the ambulance spotted a running dog trying to accompany the human as the loyal animal got extremely worried and concerned about his condition.

The emergency workers claimed they had never witnessed such a display of loyalty and they got worried about the animal’s safety. Initially, they had no idea that the chasing dog was the sick man’s life-long companion. And when they eventually arrived at the hospital and stopped the car, the faithful dog stood right in front of the ambulance.

Even when they entered the building, the dog refused to leave the suffering man. After some medical procedures, the man could be able to leave the hospital, of course, with his reliable furry comrade.

The man is definitely richer than majority of people as he has such a trusty and devoted companion everyone would only dream about.

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