The catty wanted to acquaint her babies to the good-natured woman who helped her

Once the woman, whose name is Lisianne, saw a strange thing while enjoying her free time in the yard. She came to the bushes where was found a black sweety catty, who was looking at her. She understood that the cutie was so hungry. She quickly ran and brought something to eat and drink.

After several days the kind woman noticed that the animal was walking nearby her house. It was obvious that the poor creature didn’t have apartment. After that the good-natured woman frequently gave her something to eat and called her Usagi. After some time Lisianne realized that the cat’s stomach was becoming bigger. She was sure that the cat was going to have babies. For that reason the helpful woman began to care about the cutie more attentively.

One day when Lisianne met her family she was in shocked: the lovely animal wanted to present her babies to the careful woman, who helped her in a bad condition. The little cuties were like their mommy. They were only six weeks old, so they certainly needed support.

The kind-hearted woman immediately took them to her apartment and after that called the save group. Some people came in order to give support to the little creatures and their caring mommy. Due to the promotion of helpful people the poor family got big support. The kind woman brought them to her home. We are sure that many homeless families will find their kind-hearted owners, who will care about them.

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