“The Last Ride Before the Death”- A Girl Takes Her Lovable Puppy On the Last Ride

This is such a touching story about a woman who does her best to make her lovable little puppy enjoy the final car ride before the death.

The cute puppy was brought to the Kramer household in Florida some years ago and he became best friends with the family’s daughter named April.

Over the years April grew up and they became such a strong support for each other especially during the difficult times.

Unfortunately the doggy began to develop  some health problems over the years and it turned out that the cutie had some cancerous tumors and there wasn’t much time left for her.

As Libra the doggy had always been the full member for the family they decided to make the last days of April unforgettable and go on the last ride because that was the thing that she adored most of all.

April decided to roll down the car window and let Libra enjoy her most adorable activity.

The doggy’s cute muzzle expressed all the adorable and unforgettable emotions that the cutie expressed at the time of the last ride. That is so touching! Rest in peace, cutie pie!

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