“The Magician”- A Kind Man Used His Warm Coffee To Save 3 Kittens

This is such an incredible story about a Canadian oil worker who rescued three kittens using his hot coffee who were stuck in the snow.

Everyone of us may have probably heard about the advantages and benefits of coffee but hardly anyone of us could have thought or even imagined that it would save lives.

Kendall Diwishch who is the main hero of this story came across the three cute kittens who were frozen to the ground while. The kind man couldn’t pass by without assisting the cuties and after stopping to understand what had happened he heard the sound of despondent meowing.

After looking and examining very carefully he noticed that two out of the three kittens’ tails were firmly stuck into the ice on the ground.

Diwishch had to make a right decision in a few seconds and he immediately returned to his car and picked up the only thing that he had at his disposal and that could melt the ice. That was a WARM COFFEE.

The caring man took it and began to pour it around their tails and he was amazed when the kittens started to drink it!

As Diwisch didn’t notice the cuties’ mother nearby they took the three kittens to his home in order to shelter and take care of them.

He posted some interesting posts with his fluffy cuties on Facebook and it all went viral very soon.

Here’s a an interesting video of the cuties below:

The cuties found their caring and permanent families in such a short time and now they are in a safe place.

Don’t you agree that this was such a touching story with a happy end ?


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