Such a Caring Husky Who Picked out a Kitten for Himself To Bring Home From Shelter

Het is Little Raven- a sweet husky pup who needed a new friend who she could grow up with.

His momma Christina clearly understood that she couldn’t choose the best variant of friend for the cutie and she decided to take  Raven the doggy to a shelter to make the decision herself!

“I had always dreamed of having a doggy and a catty at the same time. Ir seems to be a life goal for me,”- tells Christina the kind owner.

“I wished them to be able to get along well together so I wanted my cute doggy to meet the catty himself in order to feel whether they can become close and true friends.”

Raven the doggy was shown four kittens and he immediately showed interest in one little creature whose name was Woodhouse.

Woodhouse the cutie  not only got a new caring family and a true friend but he also got a new permanent and safe home.

They are such a unique and inseparable couple. They do everything together and assist each other when one of them needs help.

They even enjoy sleeping together!

They even have one birthday and they celebrate it together!

You can enjoy following the cuties on their Instagram account!

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