A curious remark was posted on neighbour’s door about their loving pets romance 

When you are a parent, there are two methods of accessing your little pets powerful desire for romance. You can try to drove it out, or you can understand it and help them discover their love. 

Currently, two neighbours found out, that their pets fell in love with each other. But rather than  make them secluded, they decided to do something about it… 

For a long time, one neighbour found out her dog looking out of the window at the neighbour’s cat, which sat near the window. 

And once, the cat’s owner placed a bunch of house plants near the window, closing the dog’s view.  

And then the dog’s owner put this moving remark.

Many people would consider, that this remark is a slight odd, if not absolutely abnormal. And this is his reply!

How amazing is the fact, that their two animals can carry on their romance. Maybe, one day their owners themselves can reflect their pets example!

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