The couple, that have eight dogs wanted them to sleep on the same bed and they built an enormous bed  

“Having accepted them this for one time, there wasn’t way back!”

A couple from New York proved, that sharing a bed with pets is an astounding task. 

Chris and Marisea Hughes forgot about enjoyable sleep after their eight sheltered dogs began to sleep with them in one bed. 

After many challenging nights they spent battling for one piece of bed, they understood that it’s time to stop.

What could be the only resolution for cozy bed for all of them, if not constructing a bigger bed? 

And “huge” is not a fantasy at all! The bed can hold two double mattresses.  

The whole length of the bed is more than 13 feet. 

The couple told about their ideas to bespoke furniture maker, named Mike Ford, who was a big animal lover. 

He immediately admitted this project. And ofter 6 months the fantastic bed is ready. 

A mini-ladder was constructed into the frame for old dogs to easily jump on and off the bed. 

And under the bed there are storage boxes. 

Mike made his old dog’s paw carved on the back of the bed, who had died soon after she turned 16. 

Chris and Marisea are the owners of the non-profit program, that saved sick and old dogs from the shelters and takes them into loving families to devote the rest of their life encircled with love and care.

The couple makes a lot of work to make as many pets happy as possible. 

And also the couple is converted, that there is plenty of space in their new bed for more pets.

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