The policeman rescues donkey from a busy highway and gives him a ride-along

Once Kyle Canaan acquired an unknown call to the Oklahoma police department saying him to treat a homeless donkey.  

Robin Stryder had called 911 to announce, that he saw a scared donkey roaming around on a busy road. 

Officer Canaan came to the scene to see, that Stryder had regulated the donkey to move to the side of the road and keep it calm. 

At first Canaan hasn’t known how to deal with such kind of a situation, but he appeared to have a solution. 

She was glad to shelter the donkey, which she named “Squish”, but the problem was that she lived several miles away. 

So the policeman decided to take the donkey by himself, instead of waiting for the appropriate transport. 

The policeman said, that it has used the back of his car as a bathroom. 

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