This mountain gorilla takes her final breath in the arms of his loving owner who was initially the one to rescue her life

This mountain gorilla, that got famous gaining fame all over the world, has lately passed away at the age of fourteen in the arms of the human that heroically rescued her when she was virtually newborn. In this touching scenes, the truehearted companions were holding each other for the very last time. The dying animal leaned her head on her owner’s chest who has always been her protector and fellow of life. This two originally gained a lot of attention due to their legendary selfie that was taken several years ago, when the gorilla was at a good physical condition and showed limitless energy and enthusiasm towards life.

The gorilla was constantly under the care of the man and always received a lot of support and tenderness from him. And now the man was obliged to say goodbye to his life-long friend. Lately, she suffered a prolonged illness what made her even weaker and worsened her condition. She took her last breath in the most protective and beloved place that could ever be found on the entire world-in the arms of his loving owner.


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The gorilla was actually considered a true symbol of strength and hope in the park of Virunga, Congo. A good example of how much these marvelous animals have to bear, only because of poaching. Initially, she was brought to the Senkwekwe Center when she was still two-month old. Later on, after she lost her mother, some kind-hearted rangers were willing to rescue the poor animal one of those was her owner.

Mercifully, now there are more than six hundred true-hearted and caring rangers who try their best and do absolutely everything to protect those magnificent extinctive species. This incredibly heartwarming and tight friendship between the owner and the gorilla proved how much warmth there can be between the two creatures.


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