A starving baby bear deliberately approached to the gold miners to beg for food

There can be extremely difficult conditions in wildlife even for the most gigantic and powerful animals, especially for orphan ones. This poor baby bear occurred in a really tough situation after he had lost his mother polar bear. The beautiful life destined for him turned to be a real survival after his mom tragically passed away leaving her babies orphan and absolutely defenseless. The baby bear had no choice but to beg for food from humans in order not to die from severe hunger. Once he even approached to the people who worked in Arctic mine of gold begging for some foodstuff.

The baby bear was absolutely alone in the Arctic circle located in a Russian area and, once smelling the food coming from that group, he couldn’t resist and went to crave for some. Regardless of the rules strongly against feeding the polar bears, the people there proved to be kind-hearted enough not to stay insensitive and eventually fed the starving baby.

After his rescue, the bear couldn’t leave the people who saved his life and gradually got firmly attached to them. But the things seemed to get hard again. The miners’ contract was about to come to an end and they were obliged to abandon the bear. Fortunately, they did everything in order to ease the baby bear’s struggle for existence.

The team left an open rubbish site so that the poor animal could get sufficient amount of food and not get starved again. That would be enough for several weeks.

Afterwards, the Moscow zoo was determined to adopt the polar bear and provide him with a permanent shelter. Though these gold miners broke all the rules, their decision to feed the baby bear was praiseworthy even for the officers and, of course, all wildlife enthusiasts.

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