These 4 dogs wait for their owner near the hospital’s door he was cured

As you know, dogs are the excellent and faithful friends, and the 4 dogs of this story are the proof of this. 

Even if you don’t like dogs, this story will of course move you to tears.  

A stray dog named Cesar was taken to the hospital in Brazil at about 3 a.m., because great health hardships.

When the doctors went to see the patient, they saw, that he is not alone. 

His four dogs sat at the door and refused to go, before knowing, that everything was fine.

The nurse noticed, that these dogs are well-groomed and are fatter, than other homeless dogs.  

Cesar was always guarding his dogs and getting food and sharing it. 

Cesar always looked after stray dogs regardless of having much property. 

Before Cesar was able to go home, the hospital staff gave him food and permitted his puppies to eat with him.

Cesar was freed from the hospital after some time. 

He left with his cute friends, who wagged their tails cheerfully.

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