The fearless dog rescued his owners’ life! And that’s how…

The dog rescued his owner’s life, when the fire happened in their house. He rescued him by appealing the man, who was coming to his nose.

The dog’s name is Curly.

The fire expansed so quickly, that it demolished half of the house. The man sheltered the dog three years ago.

The man’s name was Rand. He was a veteran. The man didn’t even imagine, that the dog could once rescue his life. One day a man rescued his life: now, a dog did the same.

When the man woke up, he found the whole house burning. The house was absorbed in flames. The man, together with his dog were able to escape from the burning house and call 911.

The rescuers were able to heal some of the man’s things.

The man’s house was destroyed and he was dismissed from the house. He is very sad, but he thinks, that he is very lucky to have such a dog. A good dog can help save one’s life.

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