A Stray Cat Who Was in Search of Food Made His Way to the Zoo and Made Friends With a Lynx

What’s your opinion can there be a real friendship between wild and domestic animals?

We can surely say that it is really possible.  What’s more if they are from the same species, then it won’t surely be difficult for them to find a common language.

One day there happened an interesting story with a stray cat from St. Petersburg who was wandering around the city in search of food. It turned out later that she was incredibly lucky because she found not only food but also a close friend that day.

The cutie found lots of yummy in the zoo, in the cage of another representative of the feline family – the lynx.

It seemed that if the owner of the tasty meat saw how an uninvited guest was feasting on her food she would definitely tear him to pieces. But there happened a miracle happened: the big cat didn’t touch the small creature.

The catty now often visits his friend.

The cute lynx shares breakfast, lunch and dinner with her.

And now the two cuties are real friends who are ready to do everything for the sale of their true friend!

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