The kitty has only a bowl, a couch and kittens left from her former life…

Volunteers have already ceased to be surprised, that discarded pets are found in the plantings. But this case is special. Ekaterina Milanova found a cat with kittens in the forest, and even the “caring” owners left bowls and a couch, they didn’t even remove the collar from the pet. That’s how they simply got rid of unwanted offspring along with their mother.  

The cat immediately gave herself to pick up, she is very affectionate and calm. And the kittens weren’t afraid of the volunteer and started playing with him.  

When Ekaterina came to visit the fluffy family for the second time, she didn’t find the bowls. Someone has already managed to take them, without even thinking, that they are taking them away from the kids. But the volunteer wasn’t surprised by this, there were cases when the collar was removed.  

Ekaterina is looking for new owners for the kittens and their mother. In the meantime, the family continues to live in the landing, as there is nowhere to temporarily attach them. 

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