While jogging, the girl and her dog were followed by a homeless dog, who didn’t refuse to drop in

As usual, Veronica was jogging in the morning with her dog Cora. And then no one of the cold January days, a doggie settled behind them. The girl fed him with goodies, that Cora pampers during training. The new shaggy pet turned out to be no-man’s, she was without a collar and for several days she met Veronica in the park.  

The girl decided to take the baby for a while until she found permanent owners for her. The dog turned out to be smart, she went to the toilet only on the street, she knew how to bring a ball. Perhaps she used to live at someone’s house. Veronica named her pet Busina- after all, her eyes looked like beads.  

The saviour saved the dog from parasites and bathed it well. For a long time she was looking for a new home for her pet, but she couldn’t find anything. Then Veronica turned to the Tail by a Pipe volunteer group to help her with the sterilization of the animal and its attachment.  

After a while, Svetlana, who liked Busya so much, wrote to the volunteers. Half a month later, she and her husband arrived and took the dog home. Periodically, the new owner sends reports on the life of Frosya. That is now the name of Busu.  

The pet became friends with Svetlana’s older dog and also got along with the cat. Frosya learned to climb to the second floor, although all the four-legged inhabitants of the house can’t do this. Another new shaggy inhabitant has perfectly learned to give a paw and sit on command. True, he has not yet asked to use the toilet on the street. But the owners believe, that Frosya will soon learn this too. And so they are very happy with the dog and managed to fall in love with her. 

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