The cat found a new friend, but they couldn’t get to know each other better. Then the owner decided to help them

Recently an actress Mackenzie Coffman noticed, that her cat named Simon was trying to attract the attention of a neighbour’s cat. A fluffy handsome man lives in the opposite house, who periodically appears near the window. At such moments, Simon begins to meow plaintively and excitedly walks along the windowsill.Mackenzie decided, that it was time to stop this suffering and introduce furry neighbours. Then a perfect plan was born in her head, which worked and made cats the stars of Twitter.  

American actress Mackenzie Coffman’s cat spotted another cat in a neighbour’s window 

In search of meting a new friend he started to meow and draw attention to himself  

Then the girl decided to help the pet and wrote a note for a fluffy neighbour  

Simon waited impatiently for a response and constantly checked to see, if a message had appeared 

After some time, a long-awaited response note appeared on the opposite window  

That’s how cats knew their nicknames and became even more close to each other.  

Then the owners were at home at the same time and opened the windows, so that new friends could chat a little  

The story didn’t end like this, girls exchanged Twitter pages 

Mackenzie shared this story in Twitter and it became popular, and netizens started to closely follow the development of events. During a window chat an actress told the owner, that furry friends have become Internet stars.  

Teo’s owner found a girl in social networks and showed how this situation looks from her window 

The girls talked and decided, that it was time to organise a meeting of new friends  

Now netizens are eagerly awaiting news from the upcoming meeting and are very worried about how the close acquaintance will go. 

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