Pamela on «Dallas» hits her 74! This is how age and years have changed actress Victoria Principal

She changed 1️⃣7️⃣ schools, landed her first TV commercial at 5️⃣ and divorced twice! 😯🫢 You might have watched «Dallas», a 1️⃣9️⃣7️⃣0️⃣s soap opera which held a special place in everyone’s heart! 🎬🫠If you have, then you surely remember Pamela portrayed by Victoria Principal! 🤩💪 See her evolve over time in this article! 👇

Apart from her drizzling career in the film industry, Victoria Principal is also an author, producer and skincare entrepreneur. Far not everyone knows that her early life was fraught with constant relocations as her father worked in the military service. She was born in Japan, yet has been to a number of places switching from one school to another.

Initially, she took a great interest in medicine. His life took a turn after a terrible car accident when she still was a student. Fortunately, she recovered quickly and soon achieved big success in New York City, then in LA. No one will deny that her breakthrough role was in J. Huston’s «The Life and Times ot Judge Roy Bean».

However, her role in «Dallas» became her most remarkable one which captivated large audiences making her a household name and shaping her as an icon in Hollywood. Chemistry between her and Larry Hagman on the set made their performance even more dramatic capturing millions.

In 1987 she made a decision to leave the series and pursue another path. Principal ventured into skincare. The star is now involved in philanthropy and leads an active social life. Despite her turbulent personal life, she still remains resilient. Today, our favorite actress is already 74.

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