«Perfection doesn’t exi..» This is what a beauty Monica Bellucci’s daughter has become

If your mom is Bellucci, there is no chance that you don’t look this beautiful! 😉🤌 It was in 2️⃣0️⃣0️⃣4️⃣ that the Italian actress and her then-husband Vincent Cassel welcomed their eldest daughter! 😮😍Now, we see Deva as the mini copy of her «dream» mother! 💘🫠 Paparazzi filmed the girl while on a vacation and the photos can be found in this article! 👇

In 2004 V. Cassel and M. Bellucci were blessed to welcome their eldest daughter. Just like her name, the girl has grown up to be a real «dream» girl. No one will deny that she was lucky to inherit the wonderful genes of her mother who is considered to be the most attractive woman of our time.

Many years have passed since her arrival and now we see an absolutely charming 19-year-old girl who lets no single one remain indifferent and not fall head and heels in love with her. She decided to pursue a career in modeling and has already achieved tremendous success which is not surprising at all given her ideal parameters.

One may say that people associate Deva as not only Monica’s heiress, but also one of the most outstanding and incredible models of our generation. Lately, curious paparazzi have filmed her during her vacation and to say that she looked stunning in a bikini is nothing to say.

«It’s unfair how one can look so good!», «Someone, please, help me take my eyes off this hottie», «Not a girl, but a goddess!», «She is the one who will surpass even Bellucci!».

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