«Old love does not rust!» New exclusive photos of Tom Hanks and his wife are surfacing the network

If there are those who still don’t believe in true love, this article is for you! 😉🫵 It was back in 1️⃣9️⃣8️⃣8️⃣ that Hanks married Rita with whom he is still inseparable! 😮😍The actor has shared intimate photos with his wife and melted everyone’s heart! 🫠💘 See the romantic snapshots in this article! 👇

In his recent update on social media, T. Hanks has remarked that his wife Rita Wilson and he have already been together for 36 years making one of the most enduring and longest-standing couples in the industry. On their anniversary, they shared an intimate photo on a yacht and delighted all their fans.

They have also shared some heartwarming pictures from various locations and showed that passion and warmth between two can still last even after around 4 decades of being together.

The spouses appeared absolutely genuine in their latest social media post – with no filters, glam and created captions. They prove that love truly exists and people simply should fight for each other.

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