Spouses restored an apartment with rotten floors and knocked-down walls and left everyone speechless with the results

Buying such an ugly apartment was in no one’s plans until my husband and I saw potential in it! 😉💪 Our neighbors made fun of us until we showed off the final results of the amazing makeover! 😯👏 It became a place we both had always been dreaming of! 🫠💘 For more – see the article! 👇

The heroes of today’s story are a married couple who have been living in this apartment for already several years. Initially, it looked far not like the newest and most modern place to live and over time its condition has even worsened making it clear that a renovation is required.

Such apartments were mostly typical in the 1960-1970s, but people nowadays give their preference to minimalistic and loft style. It is 51 square meters, but the spouses managed to achieve desirable results within a relatively short period of time.

They decided not to do a redevelopment due to their limited budget and simply aimed at giving it a fresher look. The walls in the kitchen area were covered with paintable wallpaper, and for the floor their choice fell on tiles which imitated wood. There is a full-fledged dining group on the left side of the entrance.

The lower facades were in classic white, while for the upper ones a blue accent color was chosen. The upper ones were made to order. The apron in lined with white tiles. A washing machine and a dishwasher are hidden behind the facades.

For the walls in the living room they chose wallpaper to be painted and engineering wood for the floor. Initially, the room was elongated but now part of it has been given over to a dressing room and the living room itself has become more regular in shape.

A decision was made to organize a small workplace and storage space to the left of the entrance. A soft group with a TV area found its place closer to the window. A bright color accent in the room became a fold-out sofa in bright blue.

Turning to the bedroom, it has a muted terracotta shade. In the center there is a double bed with a soft headboard. They installed a built-in wardrobe in the niche. A comfortable chair located near the bed was specially chosen to match the color of the walls so that it matched the interior.

What concerns the bathroom, it was now combined to save more space after the redevelopment. The decoration used white paint and terrazzo tiles.

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