One ordinary woman in Norway showed their house and now people can’t help dreaming of living there

I showed the house I live in and everyone’s jaw dropped! 🧐😲 One doesn’t have to be rich to live in a dream house! 😏🤌 In what conditions ordinary people in Norway live came as a big surprise! 🤭🤯For more photos – see the article! 👇

The charming Norwegian cottage we are going to speak about today belongs to Liv Sandvik Joacobsen, a freelance journalist. She has made significant changes bringing it back to life and maintaining its charm at the same time. The sights here are wonderful and it is a dream place to live in each and every season.

Inside, wood paneling is painted in soft earthy blues and greens to reflect the colors of the surroundings, while antique furnishings provide a cozy feel and zest. The comfort and special atmosphere are especially seen in the dining area which features a unique bake.

The interior consists of antique furniture. The house itself is not so spacious Moreover, besides the main house, one can see barns for animals and other related structures which make a farmer’s life complete. The tranquility of the nature and mountains are nothing but therapy.


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