«Future supermodels!» Patrick and Jillian Dempsey celebrate their twin heirs’ 17th birthday

Dr. McDreamy from «Grey’s Anatomy» showed his grown-up sons and now all girls are in love with them! 💘😍 The American actor’s sons celebrated their 17th birthday and have become real heartbreakers! 🤤🫠 See the article and try not to fall in love! 👇

On the 17th birthday of his heirs, P. Dempsey has shared a heartfelt footage on social media. He posted a touching photo from the archive and sincerely congratulated them on such a remarkable occasion. One takes a look at the photos and thinks «How fast time flies!».

The striking resemblance of the teenage guys to their well-known father never ceases to escape anyone’s attention. It seems as if it was just yesterday that they were little guys drinking milk. They have grown up to be real heartthrobs.

The adorable twins were born to the prominent actor and his wife Jillian Dempsey. They are also proud parents of their daughter Talula. Derby takes interest in soccer, while Sullivan has future plans to start an acting career.

The beautiful family has recently appeared at the «Ferrari» movie premiere with their children. To say that their outing pleasantly surprised everyone is nothing to say. Girls worldwide immediately fell in love with the twin beauties.

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