«When nostalgia hits hard!» Fashion trends from the 2000s that people hope will never make a comeback

Even celebrities followed these trends in the 2000s but now get embarrassed by just looking back! 😳🫣Here are past fashion trends which cause either laughter or shame! 🫢😬For more – see the article! 👇👇👇

It is not a secret at all that fashion trends change over time and nothing stays the same. What is fashionable today could hardly even cross people’s minds decades ago and what people were obsessed with back then looks embarrassing now.

Bright transparent blouses worn over T-shirts

Leggings were worn even under the dresses and skirts.

High boots were a separate kind of fashion back then! And girls often wore jeans with them.

Who could even think that this might seem beautiful and fashionable?

Such wide belts were in fashion as well!

It was possible to see girls wearing tight trousers under skirts.

The same trend with dresses!

You all surely remember these trendy narrow brows, don’t you?

Most stars had bangs no matter it suited them or not.

Often, the lipstick was much lighter than their skin. But why?

Many definitely overused blushers.

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