«Before the tattoos and piercings!» This is what Amber Luke looked like before all the body modifications

Girl with 600 tattoos and piercings revealed her archive photos and left everyone speechless! 😳🫢See how Amber Luke appeared before her incredible transformation in this article! 👇👇👇

Especially nowadays, tattoos are gaining even more and more popularity worldwide. They are not only a form of body art, but also a way to express oneself. While most people get just one or several tattoos, Amber Luke literally took this trend to an extreme.

However astonishing it may seem, she has «adorned» her body with no less than 600 tattoos. But she didn’t stop there. Amber embellished her face with multiple piercings. She even took the risk and took an attempt to get a tattoo on her eyes which seems insane.

It took her 6 years to change herself beyond recognition and start a whole new chapter. To say that she now looked absolutely different is nothing to say. The moment the netizens saw her old photos, they couldn’t find words to express their surprise.

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