Woman showed her non-standard 140 square feet house and now everyone dreams of living there

Before entering this tiny house, no one had an idea that it looked so amazing inside! 😲😍It is 140 square feet of comfort! 😇🫠 See the photos of its interior in this article! 👇👇👇

Today’s story is about an absolutely unique house the owner of which is Vina Lustado. Believe it or not, the house in which she lives is no more than 140 square feet and is located in Ojai, California.  Despite its compactness, it is a kind of paradise.

She is one of the 9 children born to an average family. She prioritizes simple living and takes a down-to-earth approach to life. Her house can be regarded as a prime example of thoughtful design and efficient use of space.

It is off the grid and costs around 40 thousand dollars. Vina places a great importance on multi-functional items which save much space. Her living room functions as an office, guest bedroom, library and a relaxing zone as well.

Her kitchen, though, is more spacious than any of us might expect it to be. There, one can see an open shelving, a sink and a water recycling system. Her bedroom features a large and comfortable bed and has the perfect view for nature lovers.

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