«Age is just a number for her!» The life and career of legendary cinema star June Lockhart

Can you recall Dr. Lauren Robinson from «Lost in Space»?🧐 Believe it or not, iconic actress June Lockhart has already turned 98! 😲🤫 You can see what she looks like today in this article! 👇👇👇

Believe it or not, J. Lockhart celebrated her 98th birthday in this summer. She is the actress who can boast of having appeared on our screens for 80 years. Her acting career was brought to a new level after her roles in «Lost in Space» and «Lassie».

She brilliantly portrayed Dr. Lauren Robinson in «Lost in Space» and the mother in «Lassie». Later, she acted in «Grey’s Anatomy» and «General Hospital».

Lockhart admits that she feels herself 50 and is genuinely grateful for still being active and energetic.

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