«Mistaken for a beggar!»: The way one of the most desirable 90s’ models has changed caused a furor

With a cigarette in her hand and black teeth with caries, Kate Moss horrified her fans! 😱🥴This is what bad habits have done to one of the iconic supermodels of the time! 😧🤯

The new paparazzi photos of one of the most desirable and highly-paid 90s’ supermodels left the fans speechless. They simply weren’t ready to see their favorite idol look like this. She had deep wrinkles and extremely unhealthy teeth.

«This is what bad habits do to a supermodel!», «To tell the truth, I mistook her for a beggar!», «Was I the only one who hardly recognized her?», «Cigarettes ruin lives!»».

«I even had to double-check whether this was her or not!», «She completely let herself go!», «Time is merciless!», «Where is old Kate Moss? We miss her so much!».

«When we compare her with other celebrities her age, the final image is quite disappointing», «You need to quit on smoking, otherwise you will need a doctor!».

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