«Pitt, look what you lost!»: Jennifer Aniston again proved her timeless beauty showing up in a bikini

Do you remember Rachel from «Friends»? 🤔 Jennifer Aniston forgot about her age and showed what a 54-year-old woman should look like! 😲💘

Sometimes, it seems as if Jennifer Aniston has no plans to age and even has no idea what it is. Despite her age, she still captivates millions with her unfading beauty, charisma and flawless body.

Photographers have caught our favorite Rachel from «Friends» in a bikini and showed what the Hollywood actress looks like now. The fans found no words to describe her ageless beauty explaining that it is illegal to look so good at 54.

Many hold the opinion that her biggest secret to timeless beauty lies in staying true to herself and embracing natural ageing. There is no denying that she needs no plastic surgeries and looks literally fantastic for her age.

For those who don’t know, the outstanding actress is a great fan of fitness, yoga and carefully follows a proper diet. There is no other beauty secret that she hides from her followers.

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