«Dad’s genes did their job!»: This is what Madonna’s heir looks like who inherited his father’s appearance

Have you ever seen Madonna’s grown-up son Rocco Ritchie? 🧐🤔 The Queen of Pop showed her heir and left everyone speechless! 😮🫢

It is rather difficult to believe that Madonna is already 65. Nevertheless, millions still keep admiring the Queen of Pop for her timeless beauty, attractiveness and brightness. It is needless to say that she doesn’t look her age at all.

These days, the legendary performer has posted some fresh photos of her grown-up heir who seemingly inherited his father’s appearance. This is what the guy looks like today.

As soon as the new photos appeared on the web, no single one stayed indifferent and not to comment on his appearance.  They could find no words to express his incredible resemblance to his dad.

The guy has already tried his hand in modeling which is not surprising at all considering his perfect features.


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