«Who stole Cassel’s heart this time?»: This is what the French actor’s new girlfriend looks like

While Kunakey was suffering, Cassel didn’t waste time and found a new one! 🧐😲Here is the girl who became the actor’s new girlfriend after his divorce! 😮💘

The big news of the divorce of this French actor and Tina Kunakey left the fans speechless. While the young model is still in the process of recovery and self-discovery, the actor didn’t waste time and quickly found a new one.

Photographers have recently filmed the movie star with a dark-skinned girl who looked exactly like Tina. Her incredible resemblance to the man’s ex-wife left everyone speechless. Here is the girl who stole the man’s heart.

People, of course, started to compare her with the film star’s ex-wives. No one could remain silent and not to comment on her appearance.

«I know one thing: Vincent has a good taste in women!», «She reminds me of his ex-girlfriend», «Am I the only one who thinks that she is even prettier than Bellucci and Tina?», «No wonder the actor fell in love with her».

How about you? Share your opinion about her below!

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