«Thanks God the Queen didn’t see this!»: Middleton flaunted her stunning legs in a mini skirt and caused a stir

Scandalous photos of Kate Middleton in a mini skirt blew up the Internet👀👀👀

The Princess of Wales decided not to miss the chance to play big tennis. Instead of choosing sportswear, she gave her preference to a mini skirt which emphasized her slender legs. The scandalous look immediately caused a stir on network.

The provocative look of the 41-year-old woman let no single one stay indifferent. A great number of people were quick to heavily criticize the Princess for her spicy look. Some were even glad that the Queen wasn’t there and didn’t see this.

«Is she allowed to appear in public in such a short skirt?», «Thanks God the Queen is not here», «Why did the Prince let her go out in this?», «No better than Markle!», «What happened to the Princess?».

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