Small and fragile, her husband supports her under his arm. Turner photos taken shortly before her passing

Tina Turner passed away at the age of 84. The star was melting before her eyes after a long illness, but she tried not to show it in public. For the last couple of years, the legend hid from the paparazzi at her mansion near Zurich. Tina felt protected next to her third husband Erwin Bach, who was 17 years younger than the actress.

Recall that shortly before Tina Ternet passed away her sons. The latest photos of the legendary actress with her husband were published on the Internet.

In these pictures, Tina appears frail and small, with Bach supporting the artist under her arm. “Legend,” “In loving memory,” “Tina, you are forever in our heart,” “I can’t believe it,” “How we will miss her.”

“She was the best,” “Amazing singer,” I read the words of Turner’s fans in the comments under the latest pictures of the artist.

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