«One of the iconic Met Gala dresses!»: The enchanting appearance of Portman pleasantly surprised everyone

The fans couldn’t find words to describe how stunning Portman was at Met Gala 🥰😍

One of the most iconic, talked-about and legendary dresses on the Red Carpet became that of N. Portman who presented the film «May-December». This phrase has a figurative meaning and stands for signifying coupes with big age differences.

The outstanding actress brilliantly portrays the seductress in a film adaptation. The film was based on the real story of M. Kay Letourneau who was imprisoned for building a relationship with a teenage pupil.

The enchanting appearance of the movie star in a delicate flower-shaped dress pleasantly surprised everyone. She was accompanied with her co-star, actor Ch. Melton.

In fact, her dress was inspired by the famous Dior dress created in 1945. Her femininity and elegance knew no bounds. Her hairstyle and delicate makeup perfectly suited the dress giving her even more charm.

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