«No sign of her natural beauty»: The current appearance of actress Kidman shortly after plastic surgeries surprised the fans

After another plastic surgery, Kidman looked unrecognizable in the eyes of her fans

Among the brightest, most outstanding and successful American actresses is N. Kidman who is distinguished by not only her brilliant acting skills and great talent, but also her toned and attractive figure, snow-white skin and unearthly charm.

In everyday life, the popular film star often appears without an ounce of makeup and sophisticated outfits and hairstyle. However, one thing that should be mentioned about the Hollywood actress is that she periodically turns to plastic surgeons.

According to reliable sources, the iconic woman has undergone several facelifts and eyelid surgeries. Recently, she has been hard to recognize in the eyes of her followers. There one could find lots of negative and criticizing comments.

«What led her to ruin her beauty?», «Nothing can distort her charm and elegance», «I haven’t seen anything worse».

«No sign of natural beauty», «Definitely lost her former charm!», «I can hardly believe my eyes!».

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