«Back in fashion after maternity leave»: The extravagant look of one of the highest-paid supermodels left passers-by speechless

All the eyes were on the iconic look of Gigi Hadid in the original Valentino ensemble

According to statistics, Gigi Hadid is considered to be one of the highest-paid, in-demand and successful models of our time who undoubtedly has her irreplaceable role in modeling business. Yet, many believe that she has changed a lot after giving birth.

Having some inclination to overweight, the supermodel gained some excess weight shortly after maternity leave. Some held the opinion that the model wouldn’t return to the podium again as she claimed that her family was the most important thing for her.

However, even after the scandalous breakup with Zayn Malik, the supermodel could find enough courage to return and continue to charm everyone with her unearthly beauty and professionalism. She has already appeared in a number of shows.

What is more, Hadid became the host of the reality show «Upcoming in Fashion». Gigi even took part in the popular TV show Good Morning America in New York.

There is no denying that her recent bold look in the streets of New York wasn’t unnoticed. With her revealing outfit she attracted millions and the passers-by couldn’t resist and not to star at the supermodel.

Hadid chose the original Valentino ensemble from the urban Riviera Collection which consisted of a turtleneck, knitted gloves and a revealing midi skirt.

The daring skirt definitely revealed Gigi’s thigh and the fishnet «panties» she was wearing.

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