«The darkest time of her life»: Colombian singer Shakira first shared her honest thoughts after the collapse of her relationship

«There are broken dreams, and you have to pick up the pieces and start over», Shakira

After the collapse of the relationship between overall-recognized Colombian singer and her husband, football player and the father of her kids Gerard Pique, Shakira has spoken about her state for the first time in a candid interview.

It should be mentioned that the iconic singer divorced the former Barcelona player Pique in June after 12 years of being in a relationship. The spouses have had two sons.

«I must admit that I have been emotionally dependent on men. I infinitely engage in love, and I understand that this story has a different point of view. You become stronger when you discover your weakness and accept your vulnerability».

After finding out his husband’s betrayer, the Latin American singer fully engaged in music and even wrote a song dedicated to his unfaithful husband which soon became a hit.

«Now, paradoxically, I feel complete. I feel that I depend on myself, and I have two children who depend on me, so I must be stronger that the lioness. There are broken dreams and you have to pick up the pieces from the floor and start over».

As the legendary singer admitted, her children and music have been the best therapy for her in such difficult times of her life. They have been her biggest inspiration and gave her power to move on.

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