“Siamese twins were separated shortly after birth”: Here are the unique Siamese twin-sisters after years  

How have the Siamese sisters changed who were separated shortly after birth?

All people have definitely heard about Siamese twins about whom there are a number of tales, legends and sayings. Due to the fact some or most part of their bodies are united since their birth, the twins spend a lifetime literally side by side. However, nowadays, people are endowed with an opportunity to undergo operations in order to change whatever they want to concerning their bodies and some Siamese twins get separated.

There is no need to say that such cases are rather rare. When the mother was still expecting her heiresses, the doctors, with the help of ultrasounds, claimed that the girls’ heads were growing at the same speed as their bodies.

However, the woman strongly refused to end the pregnancy and her daughters, possessing one and the same body, were expected to come to this world.

After their birth, the twin-sisters were kept in the rehabilitation center for a relatively long time.

The operation was successfully done, whereas the twins have to undergo some procedures in the near future so that no other problems emerge during their life.

It should be noted that apart from the absolutely unique twins, the spouses have had other babies who, fortunately, were born without any disorders.

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