“Before she rose to overall recognition!”: Here is Penelope Cruz whose secret to beauty we are going to reveal

Has Penelope Cruz undergone any surgeries and what is her secret to beauty?

It should be mentioned that actress P. Cruz is overall-recognized and successful not only for her great acting talent and stunning appearance, but also for her big and generous heart.

Penelope periodically offers her priceless help to the poor and needy ones contributing to a number of charity organizations and programs concerning both hopeless people and endangered animals.

Believe it or not, the only plastic surgery she has undergone is rhinoplasty. It is worth mentioning that even her colleagues and co-workers are envious of her “ageless” beauty and attractiveness.

The talented actress isn’t trying to hide her real age drawing parallels between her and legendary Sophia Loren.

The worldwide famous star is often spotted without wearing cosmetics and retouching her photos.

Millions sincerely admire Cruz and the small wrinkles already appeared on her face fail to ruin her beauty giving the actress even more charm.

She is strongly against any plastic operations and even Botox as it, according to the iconic woman, enables people to fully express their emotions.

Are you for or against plastic surgeries? Share your opinion with us!

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