Legendary actress Aniston from “Friends” was brave enough to demonstrate her natural look without cosmetics

Have you ever seen Rachel from “Friends” without makeup? Here she is!

Not so long ago, the iconic and beloved film star from “Friends” shared some new pictures of her on social media demonstrating her product in a completely natural look without any Instagram filters and cosmetics. Aniston appeared in an ordinary domestic look, but still looked stunning.

It should be mentioned that it was far not the first time the legendary actress has shared her “honest” photos with the netizens. She, in fact, frequently demonstrates her natural appearance in front of her followers, including some revealing photos of her attractive figure as well.


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Millions rushed to ask what secrets the talented actress has for maintaining her chic figure and an admirable appearance. It is simply astonishing that she manages to look like this already in her 50s.

How did you find her natural appearance?

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